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Ticket for Live Deliciously Model Photoshoot

Ticket for Live Deliciously Model Photoshoot

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Let's make your model dreams come true!

Here is an opportunity to be part of the model photoshoot for Live Deliciously by AstroloJill.

I accept anyone, female, male, non-binary, LGBT...anyone as long as you're part of the AstroloJill community, you are very welcome! 

Shoot Date 

October 1, 2023

Location - Paranaque

STRICTLY 20 SLOTS ONLY! So don't wait :) Payment terms accepted for just 1k deposit upon checking out and we can make arrangements how you will complete your balance.

Ticket sales will close once all tickets are sold or once Sept 20 hits!

What is included in your ticket?

1. An instant #jillfluencer. You will be part of the influencer program, wherein you will get your very own discount code on the website, with a commission every sale you make. 

2. 5 edited shots that will be featured on the website, social media and other outlets

3. Unlimited unedited shots and BTS (behind the scenes not the kpop band)

4. 2 Live Deliciously products of your choice (subject to availability) and these will also be the products you will model. (Products are worth 777-2222php EACH so super sulit!)

These will be delivered either before the shoot or on the day itself. SF will be shouldered by you if you chose to have it delivered beforehand

If you would like to purchase more, you will get first access to the collection as we will be selling on the shoot day as well!

5. Free flowing Sangrias

6. Wine, cheese, canapes on site (sige rice na rin if youre really hungry lol)

7. Limited edition and exclusive golden charmed bracelet and tote bag from Live Deliciously worth 2000php 

8. A chance to meet the Live Deliciously team in person and make friends with the other AstroloJill members!

 and many more!

What do we need from you and what to expect?


1. By purchasing this ticket you consent to being an awesome influencer and model for Live Deliciously, your photos WILL be used on the website, social media accounts and many more!

2. Do note this shoot will be held in our family house in Paranaque, which is small, modest and NOT airconditioned, but will be cool and comfy don't worry. We ask for your patience!

3. We will probably schedule you timeslots to avoid overcrowding, please come ON TIME and fully made up!

4. Your look, your rules. I honestly don't mind how you want to look, where you are coming from, or what's your story, you write your own here! We just want you to enjoy and have fun modeling our products. Live Deliciously is all about inclusivity, so have creative freedom! You can bring props and all. We will have plain backgrounds though. Actually, just one request, no nudes pls. make sure your bits are covered lol we can do implied but not too NSFW pls. 

5. No plus ones or twos or threes and more. Like what was mentioned, space is small! Only ticket holders allowed inside. 

6. Limited parking spaces!

7. Please be kind, respectful and of course open-minded! Let's keep the shoot light and fun for everyone. 

Payment terms accepted, please email 

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