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Carmela's LD Journey

I am a Venus in Leo lady. LD products helped me be more magnetic and lucky! Through consistency, positive energy, belief, and hard work I got to splurge both myself and my loved ones. I do continuous improvement, shadow work, grounding, and spreading positive energy! Pairing this with my favorite LD products helps me create magic in my life any day & any time.

I started with Jill’s spell jars and full moon rituals - absolutely amazing! I doubted at first but after using and doing, I got so many blessings week by week - it never stops! After that I used other products specifically the foundation and highlighter, I used this on my first SOLO & International travel. Everything went sooo well, 100% shocked with the immig because it was just 5 minutes lol. Now I always use these + fav fortuna & saccharo combo

Fav LD Products:
Cygnus Constellation Highlight
Fortuna & Saccharo Perfume
Spell Jars

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