Hello! We have collated Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience. Please take the time to read and enjoy!

Ms. Jill, the wax from my spelljar broke off, what will i do?

Nothing! As long as you did not purposefully open it, then you are fine.

Ms. Jill there's a bug! What will I do?

Nothing. They are happy in their own terrarium. If you choose to open, you are breaking the spell so you will have to repurchase. Up to you!

How do I care for my spelljar?

Store in a cool, dry place

Have it close to feel its effects. Best if it is in a place where you spend most of your time in or when it is relevant to have it near (for example, you bought a productivity spell jar, place it near you while working)

You may bring the spell jar with you if need a boost

How to cleanse?

Just run it through insence smoke

How to charge

Light insence and a candle and leave by window, doesnt have to be open, and leave until candle is done burning.

When is expiry?

Ideally, no expiry. But if the botanicals start to decompose, and it has absorbed too much energy, it will turn dark. It is time to dispose.

When the glass breaks and shatters as well. If you opened it purposefully, throw it away.

Charge the spell jar with moonlight, best if full moon

Cleanse of residual energies using smoke of insence

avoid letting others touch the jar, if they do, cleanse it

It is important that you do not feed this with negative intention and thought.

Under no circumstance will you purposefully open the jar or consume its contents.

If opened by accident, simply close it again.

How do I use the enchanted items?

Use as normal, I already did all the hard work for you! No need for prayers or rituals before using, but of course if you want to, please feel free!

Do you have bundles and discounts for us?

Of course! Kindly check the bundles and kits category for bundle discounts.

You may also join my loyalty program found at the bottom left of the screen, the gift icon!

Leaving me reviews rewards you a discount

My #jillfluecers have their own discount codes. Kindly get in touch with them.

I also give seasonal discounts, please follow my social media for updates!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! You have 2 options

1. Check if Philippine Airlines cabin crew have layovers in your preferred address, then we can arrange your items to be delivered to your country then shipped locally. Downside is you will have to wait for a flight, and pay carrying fees. Kindly get in touch with us via contact@jillandrea.com

Don't worry, all our items are safe to carry on the plane.

2. You may arrange your own international delivery and have your item picked up at our base.

When will my items be shipped?

If you have spelljars in your order, the whole order will be shipped with the spelljar's cut off, which is stated on the item description of the spelljar listing. You may opt to have your other items shipped ahead once ready by emailing us for an arrangement. We do encourage you to have your spelljars on a separate order if you would rather not wait.

Please also take the time to read the announcement made on our instagram. We will also paste it here below:

For my new customers, Astrolojill and
@livedeliciouslycosmetics products are all ritualized under specific astrological transits, which means we ship by batch.

Rush shipping is discouraged as we bless and ritualize each item before it arrives to you, so please avoid last minute rush orders. If you need them soon, please let us know once you order, otherwise they will follow standard ritual schedule (1-2 weeks shipment upon ordering)

Especially with SPELLJAR orders, they always follow a cut off schedule to which I place in the item listing on our shop. ❤️

We highly value our customers, if you have any requests please let us know! But please be understanding of our process as well since these are no ordinary products 😉

We suggest for spelljars to be in a separate order if you don't want to wait until cut off for the shipment of your whole package. That way we can ship your other magickal items ahead of time and ship the spelljars separately once it is ready.

Thank you ❤️