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Meet the Enchantress Behind Astrolojill

Nice to meet you. I am Jill!

Welcome to my site! I am a Jill-of-all-trades driven by a passion for helping the collective through my creative pursuits.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to start this little space I have​


Tempting treats for your soul

Tarot, Astrology and Mediumship services


I'm a certified astrologer, tarot reader, and medium with dual degrees in Design Business and Jungian psychology. My lifelong connection to the spirit realm led me to create AstroloJill. My mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential and break free from societal constraints. As a flight attendant, I've explored esoteric practices worldwide, and I'm dedicated to bringing high-quality spiritual services to the Philippines. Let's share in this wondrous journey, dispelling misconceptions and embracing the boundless wonder it offers. I've read for thousands, helping them transform. Are you next? 🌟🔮✨


Live Deliciously Enchanted Cosmetics and more

Woulds't thou like to Live Deliciously?

Step into 'Live Deliciously,' where everyday objects transform into enchanting portals, unlocking a life as delectable as your favorite treat. Embodying the Filipino saying, 'ang sarap ng buhay!' – we're here to manifest that deliciousness.

A collection of cosmetics, fragrances, soaps, scrubs and more, you will surely find a delectable treat that will help bring your manifestations into reality. 

Through my magickal craft and manifestations, I embody the essence of my brand – a living, breathing testament to the transformative power of self-care and cosmic connection. Join me on this enchanting journey!" ✨🌌🔮


I had a Saturn Return Reading with Jill even if it was already past my age. Jill helps me understand what I have to do and this gives me a new goal and motivation to process things. I really appreciate how light the conversation we had and how I can easily share with her. For people who are reading this review, do not hesitate to book a reading with her. She is approachable and will help you the best possible they can in order for us to know and understand what we want to learn or know.

Criselda Alcazar - Manila, Philippines

Jill's Saturn Return Reading is super fun and interesting! When she discussed the charts, I've realized so many things in my life - it's all making sense! I feel guided now thanks to Jill. P.S. Was caught off guard when she started asking why's, di ako ready sa shadow work hahahaha. It was such a fun learning experience! Thank you Ms Jill! So glad I booked this!

Kristine Grace Caracuel - Calamba, Philippines

I absolutely love Jill and her services! She cares about her clients and always gives it her 100% whichever service you book with her. Not only are her readings accurate, but her manifestation skills are so powerful. I've had multiple readings done with her which eventually came true, and she includes me in some of her manifestation blessings. They have ALWAYS worked! Take note that sometimes when she manifests for me, I don't know when she does it, but there is always some unexplained and coincidental occurrence right after. To be specific, on multiple occasions I've had guys I've desired APPROACH me and reach out to me despite the circumstances making it HIGHLY unlikely to happen. She is highly trained in her field, and if you're not convinced honestly, just look at her life and all she's achieved with the help of her psychic blessings and guides. She is also super understanding and passionate about what she does. Your payment is in good hands!

Alon - Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

I love Miss Jill. I love you Ms Jill. Thank you for your help. I am really looking forward to our session since the day I booked it. Thank you po for helping me connect with my husband. This is the only way I can reach to him, I am really desperate and sad but you helped me a lot. No words can explain my feelings. You're so cool and amazing, ang light lang ng mediumship session naten. I thought it will be very heavy because of spirits but you make it light and fun. You know, I cry and laugh at the same time and that's because of your way of relaying the messages. Maybe my husband pick you also to be our medium. Lahat tugma. Ang galing mo po, na amaze talaga ko. Thank you for sharing your gift to us. Til' our next session. <3

Mary Rose Sy - Manila, Philippines

Have ordered so many things from Ms Jill and have neverr been disappointed once. I’m very blessed to have met her and Celessya. Last year, I couldn’t have imagined na i would be where i am now and headed in my current path din. Thank you Ms Jill, and Celessya! This community is truly a blessing ✨

Giana Cedullo - Makati, Philippines