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Feather Kohl Liner

Feather Kohl Liner

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Feather Kohl Liner by Live Deliciously - where the mystique of ravens meets the ancient allure of Egyptian kohl. Get ready to adorn those captivating eyes with a touch of enchantment!

Imagine a feathered brush that's not just a tool but a connection to the mystical. This brush gracefully dips into a pot of smooth, velvety kohl, gliding effortlessly on your skin. And did we mention it's waterproof and long-lasting? You'll conquer your day without a smudge in sight.

But there's more to it than meets the eye. Inspired by the ancient Egyptians, this liner carries a potent enchantment. It's like a guardian for your gaze, offering protection from the evil eye. Your intuition gets a boost, sharpening your senses and helping you see beyond the ordinary.

Feather Kohl Liner isn't just makeup; it's a journey into the arcane, a nod to the ravens' wisdom, and a portal to the secrets of Egyptian beauty rituals. When you wear it, you're not just lining your eyes; you're adorning them with centuries of mysticism.

So, go ahead, embrace the magic of Feather Kohl Liner, and let your eyes tell a story that transcends time. Live Deliciously – because beauty is more than skin deep. 🌙🖤✨

  • 6ml
  • waterproof
  • smudgeproof
  • can be removed with makeup remover

tip: If kohl is drying up, use the Body Ritual Oils to revitilize it again ;) 

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