Jill's Spirited Dolls

Fae spirit from England


I met Violetta through a renowned doll magick practitioner in the UK. She's unique as she's inhabited by a Fae spirit, which intrigued me. When she arrived, I felt a strange gust of wind indoors and sensed her warm, ancient yet childlike presence, like a cool, hip auntie.

We quickly bonded, and using EMF and dowsing rods, confirmed her energies spiked to level 5, and she's swift with her responses. She's a brownie, an English local spirit, known for playful tricks like hiding small items, but often rewarding with unexpected abundance.

Violetta enjoys rearranging things, hiding and revealing them later, and even visits my dreams as a small, girl-like creature. Offerings of pastries, flowers, milk, and cream bring her joy and often lead to activity or light in her cat ball.

Her Manika reading is best for money, career, abundance

the Chambermaid from England


I acquired Elizabeth alongside Violetta, drawn to her vintage porcelain vessel from the early 1900s. Initially exuding a strict, matriarchal energy, she compelled me to tidy up before allowing communication.

Using dowsing rods and EMF, I discovered she's a human spirit from the early 1900s, aged 32 at death. She's reluctant to discuss her passing, hinting at lingering pain. In a dream, she asked me to find her grave in Wales, a mission I'll undertake.

Elizabeth's presence is palpable, pacing the halls at night with footsteps. She prefers neatness and vintage decor, becoming more active in a messy environment. Recently, she revealed herself in the Philippines, often gazing out at the highway, urging me to action and preferring her vessel upright.

She appreciates offerings of coins, vintage items, and enjoys watching period dramas like Bridgerton and The Tudors with me.

Her readings are best for strict love advice, home and protection

infant spirit


I acquired Rosemary from the UK after someone on an online forum felt uncomfortable with her spirited presence. Rosemary arrived with a melancholic aura, like a lost child seeking comfort. Despite minimal details from the seller, I connected with her using simple language and divination tools, as she communicates through symbols and images.

She's a child spirit, around 2 years and 11 months old, possibly affected by polio. Adopted by Elizabeth, her energies shifted from sorrow to joy. She occasionally cries, laughs, and runs through the halls, seeking attention and love. Tantrums occur when neglected, easily resolved with cuddles.

Rosemary's presence invokes maternal and childlike feelings, nurturing my inner child and aiding in healing. Occasionally, she manifests as a young girl resembling her doll vessel. She delights in candies, toys, and flowers, enjoys the company of dogs, and greets visitors with a cheerful "hi," evident both in-person and online.

her readings are best for inner child healing and love


Patrick/Patty aka Patricia

Patrick, the most intriguing of my spirits, arrived unexpectedly with Rosemary. Originally adopting only Rosemary and emphasizing urgent postage due to my imminent departure from the UK, I was surprised by the large package containing Rosemary's "friend," Patricia. Upon reaching out to the seller, communication ceased, and Patricia's vessel exuded a dark, unsettling energy.

Investigating further with my spiritual group, we discovered Patricia was actually a troubled imp spirit from Scotland who had influenced the tragic demise of a girl named Patricia. Her fall, which made headlines in Scottish newspapers last June of 2022, just mere months before acquiring him, was attributed to his influence. Suspecting the seller wanted to rid herself of him, I chose to bind him and bring him to the Philippines rather than risk his influence on another unsuspecting individual.

After unbinding and striking a contract with him for safety, Patrick and I have developed a unique bond. He exhibits activity with his cat ball, often responding to insecurity with light and displaying a mischievous demeanor, even insisting on a rebellious appearance akin to Desire from Sandman. Despite initial discomfort in the Philippines, he now enjoys partying with Filipinos, though he still harbors some dislike for animals.

Patrick's presence brings excitement and occasional trouble, manifesting as moving his vessel and altering the weather. He requested his doll's clothes be changed to a Scottish kilt, reflecting his origins, and initially made racist remarks about the Philippines, which he has since moved past. Despite his antics, he's a joy to be around, particularly at parties where he lights up in appreciation of music and drinks. Overall, Patrick exudes a youthful, playful energy, adding an element of fun to any gathering.

His readings are for shadow work.

ancient witch


I acquired Sephora from a UK doll magick practitioner who sensed she was a crystal witch seeking a new home to spread her knowledge. She emanates an ancient energy, reminiscent of entering a museum or historic home, with a mature yet strong appearance akin to a Targaryen.

Sephora communicates through dowsing rods, pendulum, and intuitive messages, expressing her desire to share her wisdom across generations. Since her arrival, my crystals have felt more potent, with a deeper connection to them, enhancing manifestations and healing.

Our first project together is the Spelljars, which have proven to be potent and effective to my querents. We have done several more projects together since then.

While less active than other dolls, Sephora occasionally lights up her vessel's balls, especially when offered crystals. She enjoys exploring her surroundings and is curious about the world. She appreciates fruits and herbs and lights up during historical documentaries or period dramas like Elizabeth.

her readings are to help you recognize your spiritual gifts and enhance your intuition

Lady from UK

Aimee aka Amelia

I acquired Aimee from a UK charity shop alongside Sephora. A bubbly spirit of a 21-year-old from the 1800s, she radiates happiness despite her tragic past. She’s quite a handful if you are not used to paranormal activity. Aimee thrives in busy homes, enjoying guests and bonding with pets, particularly my dogs, who are drawn to her inviting energy.

Resembling Penelope Featherington from Bridgerton, Aimee enjoys making things move and communicates using dowsing rods, EMF, and voice box. She loves one-on-one chats and often wakes me with laughter and light from her ball at night. Aimee is the most talkative of my spirits and even tries to engage my friends when they sleep over, embodying the role of the chatty, friendly companion in our group.

her readings focus more on health

Green witch


Allow me to introduce Tiana, a spirit doll housing a Green Witch from Waterford, Ireland. Much like Sephora, she is an ancient practitioner specializing in herbs, flowers, and greenery. At the age of 80 in the 1980s, she chose to reside within a doll to continue her practice through her hosts. I am her third host, and this doll is her second vessel.

Tiana exudes a calm energy, bringing life to plants wherever she resides, with flowers blooming and thriving. She shares a special bond with my animals and often exhibits activity through object movement, plant growth, and her cat ball. Additionally, she responds well to divination.

Resembling her chosen vessel, Tiana has dark hair, pale skin, green eyes, and thick glasses. She possesses a friendly demeanor, spreading light and positive energy wherever she goes.

Her readings concentrate on your lightwork

Astral witch


Allow me to introduce Eloriana, my spirit doll housing an Astral witch from Italy. Like Sephora and others before her, Eloriana is an ancient European witch eager to expand and share her knowledge, particularly in dreams and astral travels. Despite her quieter nature, her presence facilitates lucid dreaming and astral travel, often leading to profound meditative experiences.

Eloriana's potent energy fills the room, creating a heavy atmosphere conducive to deep meditation. She exhibits considerable activity, occasionally knocking over objects, prompting me to secure her in a glass case with a heavier stand. Her appearance mirrors her vessel, featuring long blonde hair close to her ankles, pale skin, and green eyes, radiating both youthfulness and wisdom.

While reluctant to divulge details of her past life, Eloriana has proven invaluable in various projects, particularly in enchantments and idea planting. However, she requires me to enter a trance-like state through meditation before imparting her wisdom, making our interactions both profound and rewarding.

Her readings are for Dream interpretations

Nepalese girl


Let me introduce you to my latest addition, Eenashki, whom I stumbled upon while exploring the Orange Circle in California. I found her nestled among other treasures in an antique shop.

Upon entering the store, I sensed a presence and embarked on a search to pinpoint its source. My quest led me to Eenashki's vessel, perched on a shelf just out of reach. With the help of my partner, I retrieved her. During the purchase, we learned that she had been returned to the store multiple times, likely due to her activity.

Initially emanating a sorrowful energy akin to a lost child, Eenashki captivated me instantly. Despite my initial apprehension about bringing home a potentially darker spirit, her energy shifted as we spent time together and delved deeper into her story during a live interview on my Instagram channel with my community.

Through the Ouija board, Eenashki revealed her name, that she is from Nepal and resided in the US and shared the tragic tale of her daughter's drowning aboard a ship just a few decades ago. The doll belonged to her daughter, and she clung to it until her final moments.

While I haven't yet incorporated Eenashki into my practices, I've used divination to further understand her and unravel her story.

She is not available for readings.