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Venus in Cancer

A romantic leo sun maiden hidden in a shell needing of that extra boost and confidence to step out and feel more beautiful and positive within - which is exactly what LD products did! Of course, not without continuous hard work and shadow work, I was able to love myself fully with an understanding of what I am deserving. I value security above everything else and I believe my daughter deserves a mother exercising self love and is healed from her personal traumas.

At first, I worked on my inner self by meditating and grounding through Jill rits and the spell jars have helped me so much in negating bad juju - when I was newbie in the office, I had an encounter with a super negative person but just one day after, that person got promoted and I don't need to interact with "it" again! I am just happy LD works to benefit not only you but those around you as well. It's really good magick. Also, when I started using Enchanted Eri's accessories, LD's lip lacquers and perfumes - sales has been good and I even passed exams to get promoted! My daughter has her share of positive experiences too - from winning sports competitions, consistently a top student and all while going through healing herself.

I have always loved magick and I am so lucky to have met Jill in this path. Believe me when I say that nothing worked better (for me) than LD products.

Fave LD Products:
Fortuna, Primula and Floreo
Lakshmi Oil
Spell Jars

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IG: @gonzalesissa