Decipher the energies of the Universe with divination using different tools


Connect with energies on a different plane


A reading to communicate with your departed loved one. This sacred session is meticulously crafted to provide a secure and nurturing environment, ensuring your safety and protection throughout the connection. With deep reverence, we will create a channel for meaningful communication, allowing you to find solace, share messages, and experience a genuine connection with those who have passed on. Your emotional well-being is Jill's utmost priority as we embark on this journey together.

60 mins | 5555 PHP


Mediumship Readings with Jill's Spirit Dolls

Get an offline reading from any of Jill's Spirit Dolls or have your own doll read by Jill.A very pretty 4-10 page letter will be sent to you via email


an exclusive reading from any of Jill's dolls or have your doll checked

888 PHP


Reiki healing

Experience the healing energies of Reiki. Perfect for any being or situation. 

Distance Reiki

A video made just for you with Jill sending you reiki healing energies paired with guided meditation for at least 20 minutes. This can be booked for pets, situations, a group of people, travel and many more as well. Reiki knows no limitations.  

Jill made Reiki Healing specifically in offline, video format because Reiki has no concept of time. Meaning every time you watch or listen to the Reiki video, you receive Reiki. Reiki is beautiful like that. 

Jill will send you Reiki through a special and custom video recording.


Spellwork and Rituals

A taste of magick casted through Jill