Decipher the energies of the Universe with divination using different tools


Divination session using the Pendulum with other magickal tools. A reading to know your spiritual gifts and how to enhance them. 

60 mins | 2222 PHP

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Divination session to talk and possibly identify your guides

60 mins | 2222 PHP

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A reading on your past life and energies and how it affect your present and future fortunes

60 mins | 2222 PHP

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Connect with energies on a different plane


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Mediumship Readings with Jill's Spirit Dolls

Get an offline reading from any of Jill's Spirit Dolls or have your own doll read by Jill.A very pretty 4-10 page letter will be sent to you via email


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Story of Spirited Vessels

Haunted dolls are quite an interesting commodity. Jill's dolls have captured quite a lot of attention, and has even been featured on TV! Curious about Jill's spirited vessels?

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Reiki healing

Experience the healing energies of Reiki. Perfect for any being or situation. 

Distance Reiki

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Spellwork and Rituals

A taste of magick casted through Jill

Cord Cutting

A special spell service for spiritually severing ties with a connection. Done under an ideal astrological transit. You will receive a video and a letter after spell has been fulfilled

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Jill's Spelljars

Crafted under ideal astrological transits, down to the day and hour, these spell jars will surely add some magick in your space. 30+ types to choose from as well as premium spelljars

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A collective and seasonal ritual done under an ideal astrological transit to help enhance your aura, skyrocket your manifestations and streamline your spiritual journey. Kindly wait for Jill to open JillRit slots for this to be available.

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