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The Book of You - Natal Chart Reading (digital)

The Book of You - Natal Chart Reading (digital)

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Please input your name, birthday, time or birth and location in the notes section above. 

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Ever wondered about the details hidden underneath your birthdate?

I am the first and only Filipino astrologer that offers a complete and custom-made report made just for you explaining your whole birth chart in a very pretty book. 

This report is a 65-80 page PDF report that is all about you and the astrology inside you. Covering your Sun (ego), Moon (emotions), Ascendant (ruler), Mercury(intellect), Venus(love), Mars (energy), Jupiter (abundance), Saturn (restrictions), Uranus (individuality), Neptune (dreams), Pluto (transformation), North Node (soul purpose), South Node (past life), Lot of Fortune (luck), Houses (where the energies are) as well as a chapter dedicated to Aspects (how the energies interact) 

Kindly expect delivery of PDF in 7-10 working days not including weekends as these are all made unique and manually typed ❤️ It will be sent via email you used to order unless you reach out and let me know otherwise. For printed orders, printing will start upon delivery of PDF file, and will be sent to your address or picked up by you, just let us know through the order form.

Now offering printing in Soft and Hardbound plus a whole new design. If you already have a book and would like to have a redesign and print version, kindly message me on Instagram or Facebook and I will give you a special rate! 

We will use Tropical Astrology in the Placidus System

Book and Story of You is only available 16th-30th of the month. Kindly plan your orders and place it within these dates. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Please provide COMPLETE and accurate birth details. Check your birth certificate
I can't fulfill your order if your details are incomplete. Thank you for understanding!

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