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Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries 2024 #JillRit

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries 2024 #JillRit

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This is a ritual curated by Jill for anyone to do, even those without any experience in magick and manfiestation. A collective and seasonal ritual done under an ideal astrological transit to help enhance your aura, skyrocket your manifestations and streamline your spiritual journey.

It uses different techniques varying from different types of practices and the astrological transit

The goal for the jillrits is that it’s inclusive, it’s open for anyone to join and the experience the magick themselves. It is to discover and unlock your own power

What sets jillrits apart is that jill makes YOU do the ritual yourself, while she does the main ritual. You will not just sit and wait, but you will be doing the work too, and experience it first hand what it's like being a spiritual practitioner.

Jill believes anyone can do it, so here is a way for you to try it yourself!

Jillrits have been available to the public for 3 years now, and it has been proven and tested to help awaken people's innate power and to help them manifest their desires while developing and skill and enhancing their spiritual journey


  • Donate 111 php per wish by adding to cart
  • Add wishes on the notes section
  • Write Full name, birthday on the notes section
Not following instructions will not be included in Jill’s main Ritual.

You will receive rit proper once donation has been confirmed

All proceeds will be donated and used for Tree Planting efforts via Sprout

Closing petitions on April 8, 2024 6pm PH time

Date and Time: April 8 9pm until April 10 12midnight

Convert if you are in a different timezone

For this JillRit I will need you to prepare the following

    1. Paper and pen
    2. White candle 
    3. Insence (any)
    4. Matches or a lighter
    5. Fireproof dish or bowl
    6. Olive Oil (better, if you have any of LD's Ritual Oils)
    7. Salt (better if you have any of LD's salt scrubs!)
    8. Soap and Scrubs
  1. You will receive rit proper once donation has been confirmed with complete details. Please send payment confirmation to ONLY
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