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Solar Flare Luminary Wand

Solar Flare Luminary Wand

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Step into the radiant glow of Solar Flare Luminary, where the brilliance of Citrine illuminates the path to power and transformation.

Crowned with a majestic Citrine tower point, this wand channels the energies of the sun, radiating warmth and vitality. Adorned with a dragon totem, symbolizing strength, wisdom, and protection, Solar Flare Luminary embodies the fiery spirit of the mythical creature.

Each crystal meticulously selected for its potent symbolism: Clear Quartz, enhancing clarity and amplifying intentions; Yellow Jasper, instilling confidence and vitality; Sunstone, igniting passion and vitality; and White Quartz, purifying and aligning energies.

Crafted with precision by seasoned witches and consecrated with the essence of powerful real crystals, Solar Flare Luminary is a beacon of amplified energy and empowerment. With dimensions ranging between 10 to 11.5 inches, each wand is a unique conduit for magnifying intentions and manifesting desires.

Embrace the transformative power of Solar Flare Luminary, where every wave of the wand ignites the flames of manifestation and realization.

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