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Sacred Shield

Sacred Shield

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Step into the realm of spiritual fortitude and protection with our Sacred Shield Ritual Body Oil. Imbued with the sacred scents of myrrh, frankincense, cedarwood, and black pepper, this potent blend serves as a shield against evil eye, negative energies and potential psychic attacks.

Infused with the protective energies of amethyst, black tourmaline, and smoky quartz crystals, Sacred Shield forms an impenetrable barrier around your aura, shielding you from harm and strengthening your spiritual boundaries. Delicate chrysanthemum petals add an extra layer of protection, infusing the blend with their purifying energy.

Lightweight and versatile, Sacred Shield is the perfect lotion alternative, hair, and nail oil, allowing you to fortify and protect every aspect of your being. Use it to anoint your tools, candles, and in your rituals, allowing its enchanted and ritualized properties to enhance your spiritual practice and safeguard your journey.

Embrace the magic, elevate your senses, and step into a world of spiritual resilience and protection with Sacred Shield Ritual Body Oil.


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