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Psychic Development 101 (on site)

Psychic Development 101 (on site)

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Psychic Development 101

Duration: 1-day workshop (10:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Class Size: Small groups for personalized attention

Location: Merville Parañaque City

Please note this will be a pre-requisite to other courses of the same modality (ie, psychic development 102, spellcasting, mediumship, enchantment, candlemagick, witchcraft and more) If you would like to enroll in these classes without this course, you must be practicing already and pass the pre-test in order to enroll. 

You will learn in this course what every capable practitioner needs to know.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Psychic Development
- Understanding the Basics
- Importance of Intuition

2. Chakra Energy Centers
- Overview of Chakras
- Understanding Energy Flow

3. The Clairs
- Exploring Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance
- Exercises to Develop Each Clair

4. Spiritual Hygiene
- Clearing and Protecting Your Energy Field
- Grounding Practices

5. Meditation
- Guided Meditations for Psychic Development
- Enhancing Focus and Awareness

6. Intuition Development
- Cultivating Intuitive Abilities
- Trusting Your Inner Voice

7. Psychometry
- Understanding Object Reading
- Hands-on Practice

8. Psychic Protection
- Creating Energetic Shields
- Warding Off Negative Energies and Cleansing ethically

9. Identifying Energies
- Differentiating Between Various Energy Sources
- Sensing Vibrations

10. Aura Reading
- Interpreting Aura Colors
- Techniques for Aura Reading

11. Pendulum Exercises
- Using Pendulums for Divination
- Practice Sessions

12. Connecting with Spirit Guides
- Building Relationships with Guides
- Techniques for Receiving Guidance

13. Ethics in Psychic Practices
- Understanding Ethical Boundaries
- Responsibilities Towards Clients and Energy Work

This curriculum is designed to cover all essential aspects of psychic development, culminating with a discussion on ethics to ensure responsible practice.

Each student will receive 

1. Student Kit with a crystal pendulum, pendulum mat and a crystal bracelet

2. Student Workbook 

3. Certification of Completion 

4. Bonus certification for Excellence for students with high marks 

5. Lunch 

Payment Plan available 

As long as you settle full payment before entry at the venue. Unpaid students will not be permitted. 

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