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Purification Purge

Purification Purge

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Welcome to our mystical sanctuary where purity reigns supreme and negativity fades away with our Purification Purge Ritual Body Oil. Immerse yourself in the cleansing aroma of sage, frankincense, juniper, and lemon as you embark on a journey of purification and renewal.

Infused with the powerful energy of agate, malachite, moonstone, and obsidian crystals, Purification Purge is designed to cleanse, banish unwanted energies and protect your aura from negativity. Delicate botanicals such as rose buds and lavender add an extra layer of purification, creating a sacred space for transformation

Lightweight and versatile, Purification Purge is the perfect lotion alternative, hair, and nail oil, allowing you to cleanse and protect every aspect of your being. Use it to anoint your tools, candles, and in your rituals, allowing its enchanted and ritualized properties to purify your space and elevate your spirit.

Embrace the magic, elevate your senses, and step into a world of purity and protection with Purification Purge Ritual Body Oil.


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