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My Future Love - Offline Tarot Reading set

My Future Love - Offline Tarot Reading set

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Please state above your context.  If none are provided, orders will not be processed. You may email if it doesn't fit the box. Thank you! 

You do not send questions for this reading, as this is a set offline reading.

This is a set tarot reading for those seeking out love. This reading will answer the following questions:

  1. Why havent I found them?
  2. How can I overcome #1
  3. What can i do to meet them?
  4. How will i know them/What are they like
  5. where will i find them
  6. when will i find them
  7. guidance/tips
  8. my first impression with them
  9. common bond/ground between us
  10. potential conflict

Context is important as we don't want to waste each other's time giving you general messages but you have a specific situation in mind. The context will help narrow things down to get to the bottom of things and pinpoint where you will need help. If there is no context provided, then we will not have much control over the reading and the Spirit will give you a message that might be off-topic. 

Expect delivery within 7-10 working days, rush option available 

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