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Lunar Grapes Enchantment Sugar Scrub

Lunar Grapes Enchantment Sugar Scrub

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Embark on a journey of celestial enchantment with our "Lunar Grapes Enchantment Sugar Scrub." 🌙🍇

This scrub is a harmonious fusion of the mystical allure of lunar energy and the rich essence of grapes. Prepare to be spellbound as you indulge in the captivating world of this enchanting scrub. With each use, it transports you to the realm of lunar beauty and the vineyards of abundance.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil: Packed with antioxidants, grapeseed oil rejuvenates your skin, combating the signs of aging. It's lightweight and absorbs easily, leaving your skin feeling nourished, not greasy.

Avocado Oil: A powerhouse of vitamins and fatty acids, avocado oil deeply hydrates and softens your skin. It's perfect for soothing and replenishing dry or irritated skin.

Sugar: Gently exfoliates, unveiling your skin's inner radiance. It buffs away dead skin cells, leaving your complexion refreshed and revitalized.

Jojoba Oil: Known for its balancing properties, jojoba oil helps regulate your skin's natural oil production. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and beautifully smooth.

Coconut Oil: Provides deep moisture and nourishment, leaving your skin supple and youthful. Its antioxidants help protect against environmental stressors.

Bubble Boost: Adds an effervescent touch to your scrub, turning your skincare routine into a delightful sensory experience.

Fragrance: A carefully selected fragrance that enhances the mystical aura of lunar energy and the luscious aroma of grapes.

Pigment: Infuses your scrub with an enchanting hue, making it a feast for both the skin and the senses.

Preservative: Ensures the longevity and freshness of your scrub, so you can savor its enchantment over time.

Plus, with the delightful addition of a "Soap Topper," your scrub becomes a multi-sensory experience, making each use feel like a journey to a distant lunar vineyard.

Immerse yourself in the Lunar Grapevine Elixir Sugar Scrub and let the magic of lunar energy and grapes transform your skin into a canvas of celestial beauty. 🌙🍇


Ritualized according to current batch's astrological transit and enchantment

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