Libra Bundle (premium)

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This bundle includes all things a Libra Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars and Venus would need!

  • Libra Lip Lacquer
  • Zodiac Memo Pad / Libra
  • Venus Veil Artisan Soap
  • Aphrodite's Enchantment Elixir Body Ritual Oil
  • Goddess Aphrodite Heart Cushion Blush
  • Enchanted Rose Setting Mist
  • The Rule of Rose earrings
  • Rose Quartz Elixir Salt Scrub
  • Ophiuchus Constellation Highlight
  • Her Majesty! Consecrated Aromatherapy Candles / 60g
  • Enchanted Garden Gleam Shimmer Spray
  • Diva Femina Enchanted Perfume / 30ml