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Floreo Enchanted Perfume

Floreo Enchanted Perfume

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Floreo (femme)



Introducing Floreo, our enchanting fragrance curated by Jill. Empower your success with its captivating energy. Live Deliciously enhances communication, intelligence, and creativity. A symphony of scents dances harmoniously, indulging in floral fruity gourmand notes. Immerse yourself in allure with Whipped Cream, Praline, Coconut, and Vanilla Orchid. Musk and Woody Notes captivate the senses. Embrace the aroma that embodies the essence of the smartest, most popular girl in class – the muse of the batch, and everyone's cherished friend. Experience the fragrance that allows you to flourish in all aspects of life, exuding confidence and radiating success.



Mercury Energy

Flourish Success

Enchance intellect and charisma


Welcome to the world of Live Deliciously Enchanted perfumes!


This unique collection of perfumes is carefully crafted under ideal astrological transits and enchanted with the magick of AstroloJill.


Each perfume is developed using oil based scents imported from Italy and Germany. Not only do they provide a long lasting, unique scent, they are also intended to bring purpose and intention to your life. Every scent has a spell to attract what you desire and manifest your dreams.


Discover the power of astrology and create a scent that expresses your true self. Find a scent or blend of scents that evoke an energy that mirror the goals and desires that you seek. Let Live Deliciously Enchanted perfumes be your source for expressing yourself and achieving your dreams.

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