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Crystal Alchemy Spelljars by Sephora

Crystal Alchemy Spelljars by Sephora

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An exclusive spelljar collection by our resident Ancient Crystal Witch, Sephora 
Her special project has finally come into fruition.
We only have limited pieces and this might be the only time we will offer this.
All these spelljars will be ritualized on Full Moon Sagittarius by the end of May. Please expect shipment a few days after. 
Check this out separately if you don't want to wait for this to be shipped with your other orders.
1. Verdant Venture
Enhances prosperity, increases luck, and encourages personal growth. It's perfect for manifesting new opportunities and boosting confidence.

2. Rose Radiance
Promotes love, emotional healing, and inner peace. This jar aids in attracting new love or deepening existing relationships while nurturing compassion.

3. Crimson Courage
Boosts vitality, promotes courage, and provides protective energy. It’s great for grounding and helps stabilize emotional and physical energy.

4. Azure Wisdom
Enhances intellectual ability, wisdom, and supports truth-seeking. It's excellent for facilitating deep communication and expressing opinions.

5. Golden Glow
Attracts wealth, prosperity, and success. It also imparts joy and enthusiasm, releasing negative traits, fears, and helps overcome depression.

6. Jasper Journey
 Imparts strength, stamina, and assertiveness. It supports during times of stress by absorbing negative energy and aligning the chakras.

7. Mystic Dreams
Enhances intuition, supports meditation, and promotes calmness. It’s ideal for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and attain peace.
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