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Angel Jophiel`s enchanted choker

Angel Jophiel`s enchanted choker

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As the guardian of creativity and artistic expression, Angel Jophiel inspires humanity to recognize the beauty inherent in all aspects of existence. Whether whispering words of encouragement to a struggling artist or gently guiding a seeker towards self-discovery, Jophiel's presence is a beacon of hope and inspiration in a world often clouded by darkness.

In the presence of Angel Jophiel, one cannot help but feel uplifted, their spirit soaring on the wings of divine beauty and grace. With Jophiel's guidance, every soul can uncover the beauty within themselves and the world around them, embracing the radiant light that shines within each and every being.

choker is made of velvet ribbons and anti tarnish hardware. the pendant is a heart shaped rose quartz crystal

constucted by enchanted eri

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