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AstroloJill's All-in-one Beginner Tarot Guide

AstroloJill's All-in-one Beginner Tarot Guide

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This is a guide crafted by Jill that includes everything you will need to start your Tarot practice.

This guide contains the following: 

  • How to Choose your Deck
  • Cleansing Your Deck
  • When to Cleanse
  • General Care and Storage
  • Steps for Tarot Reading
  • Reading Space 
  • Major Arcana Meanings with Zodiac 
  • Major Arcana Reversed
  • Minor Arcana Meanings
  • Minor Arcana Reversed
  • Numerology in Tarot
  • Suits in Tarot
  • Color Meanings
  • Symbolism in Tarot
  • Deck Interview spread
  • 13 samples of 3 card spreads
  • 3 samples 5 card spreads

By purchasing this guide, you will get an instant download link in your email once payment is confirmed!

Thank you for the support and good luck in your Tarot journey. 

Please do not reproduce this guide or sell/share it with others! This guide has been copyrighted and is protected by the law.

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