Hi There!

I'm Jill, your resident flight attendant and sorceress with a side hustle that's out of this world. When I'm not soaring through the skies, you'll find me sprinkling stardust as 'AstroloJill' and conjuring up enchantments with 'Live Deliciously.'

As a Scorpio sun, Aries moon, and Leo rising with a Ketu nakshatra

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Armed with multiple magickal and esotetic certifications from around the globe.


AstroloJill presents:

Live Deliciously

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Outside of AstroloJill

I'm a sporty mars ruled ketu woman who's a pole-dancing, aerial-hooping, mind-expanding, martial-arts-mastering, underwater-exploring, speedrunner horror game superfan (i used to stream almost full time on twitch!) and bookworm with a cutie doggo named Ellie (from the last of us) I love to read books and watch shows that challenge the mind. Modeling is also something I do on the side, working with the best photographers in the Philippines and even abroad! My photos have been featured mostly in magazines, print, and social media!

My main sport is swimming as I used to compete professionally. Now, I freedive and surf in my layovers all over the world. In the Philippines, I fly on the aerial hoop and pole as well. I love to move my body so I also take jazz, floor and chair dance classes as well as learning how to kick butt through Muay Thai.

To exercise my bravery and discipline, I made it my goal is to learn a skill or be challenged with something new each month. Due to that, I am truly a Jill-of-all-trades!

Living life so deliciously and apologetically is something I stand by, and I am very proud to say I am the living, and breathing example of my brand, Live Deliciously.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sparkling potions. Let's dive headfirst into the cauldron of life and emerge as the spellbinding beings we were born to be. Remember, the world is our playground, and the magick is within reach – let's live deliciously!"